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Intense noise calls for proper protection

Factories. Airports. Quarries. All extreme, challenging and intense places to work, with many obvious hazards. Plenty of protective equipment safety procedures are in place to protect workers in such environments. But what about the most serious dangers that you can’t even see, like high noise levels? Places of work featuring heavy machinery, engines or building … Continue reading Intense noise calls for proper protection

Hearing Protection Selection

When selecting Hearing Protective Equipment (HPE) you need to consider the task, environment, length of shift, storage facilities for reusable products, hygiene and compatibility with other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This infographic will help show you how to check you’ve made the right selection! Alternatively, you can open this document here: Hearing Protection Selection

The workers’ choice in hearing protection

3M™ PELTOR™ Headsets are the workers’ choice because they have been designed and built around the wearers’ needs. So whether you’re buying for yourself or your workforce, you can rely on PELTOR to deliver professional protection. And more. PELTOR is the ultimate range. You’ll find everything you need from headsets that increase productivity through crystal … Continue reading The workers’ choice in hearing protection

2016’s Webinar calendar published

3M is delighted to announce details of the webinars running in 2016 as part of the 3M Safety Spotlight series. Now in its sixth year, the series shares with customers 3M’s knowledge and expertise on a variety of workplace issues, hazards and training methods. For full details of each webinar, head over to where … Continue reading 2016’s Webinar calendar published

Increase workplace productivity with 3M™ PELTOR™ WS LiteCom Headsets

High levels of noise aren’t just a potential hazard to health in the workplace, they can also threaten productivity. As site supervisors will know only too well, the ability to communicate regularly on-site is essential within the construction industry. If workers need to withdraw from noisy areas every time they want to have a conversation, … Continue reading Increase workplace productivity with 3M™ PELTOR™ WS LiteCom Headsets