Build mental resilience at Safety Network Live

One of the guest speakers at 3M’s Safety Network Live event is Rob Archer, a chartered psychologist and coach from Cognacity. Rob will be hosting an engaging and interactive workshop exploring the fundamentals of resilience, the psychology of decision making under pressure and the science of marginal gains.

Having honed his skills working with elite athletes, Rob will be drawing on his experience to show health and safety professionals how they can use the same principles to improve their own working lives.

Rob Archer

The hour-long session will be spilt into three sections:

  • The Foundation of Resilience;
  • Not one brain, but three; and
  • Behaviour Change.

He will also be encouraging attendees to adopt the marginal gains theory, which was used by the British Cycling Team to help bring success in the last few Olympics. The principle is that if we can make small improvements to some of our habits – even just by one per cent – we get a significant increase when all the components come together over time.One focus of the seminar will be the importance of recovery. While many people push themselves to work hard over a long period of time, Rob will explain why this can actually harm productivity and, in particular, decision-making. Instead, he will show how taking time to recover can be far more effective for productivity.

Marginal gains can be found anywhere, but Rob believes that simple things such as taking a two-minute break every hour or leaving your desk for lunch can have a huge impact on a person’s wellbeing.

Speaking ahead of his workshop, Rob said:

“Building resilience is incredibly important for health and safety professionals, as well as for their workforce. Understanding how your brain works can help you to be much more productive in your job and may also improve your life outside of work.

“My aim is that everyone who attends the workshop will leave with ideas about how to put what we have discussed into practice.”

Don’t forget! The event will be taking place in Bracknell, Berkshire, on Tuesday 27 September 2016 and at Old Trafford, Manchester on Tuesday 4 October.

Sign up for your place to one of these free-to-attend events in Bracknell or Manchester, and head to for more information.

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