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Comfortable eyewear protection: A sight for sore eyes?

“No hardhat, no work!”  “No boots, no job!”

Do those declarations sound familiar? These are the messages we’re all used to seeing around construction and building sites these days, as companies take health and safety seriously, and understand that the welfare of workers on site is the number one priority.

Eyewear protection at work a must

But as a health and safety manager, you’ll know better than most that encouraging compliance among workers when it comes to correctly using their personal protective equipment can be a particularly challenging issue.

Take eye protection, for instance. As with hardhats and boots, eye protection has become increasingly mandatory across building and manufacturing sites. But despite being mandatory, you’re still less likely to see ‘No eyewear protection, no work!’ signs on site, and a major issue still exists when it comes to eyewear compliance, as eye protection is often uncomfortable or awkward to wear.

This is because eye protection often fails to take into account the differing shapes and sizes of people’s heads. As a result, workers commonly find their existing protective eyewear to be ill-fitting, uncomfortable and too tight. Similarly, overly loose eyewear can result in it slipping off during use, or leave too large a gap between the spectacles and the eyes.

Why is eyewear protection needed?

Common eye incidents in the workplace come as a result of chemical splashes, harmful particles in the air, accidents involving tools, and flying particles of glass, metal, concrete and wood.

Most are minor incidents, but some can result in workers having to take time off work, or can even involve workers suffering permanent damage to their sight. It’s essential therefore, that employers and workers pay full attention to eye safety.

But when eyewear is uncomfortable, workers may get tempted to take it off, or try to adjust it while working. This can lead to non-compliance; workers not being protected against potential hazards, and inevitably, accidents and injuries.


How can eye protection compliance be boosted?

So how has 3M’s science and innovation helped to solve these complex challenges? 3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear offers reliable, dependable protection to workers, without compromising on comfort and style across a diverse workforce.

SecureFit Protective Eyewear stays secure and comfortable by self-adjusting to fit a broad range of head sizes and reducing frame slippage. The SecureFit Protective Eyewear Series 400 also features soft, adjustable nosepads to allow for even more comfort, and comes in a range of lens shades.

So choose 3M SecureFit Protective Eyewear, your colleagues and workers will love how it adapts to a range of face shapes, and with the added comfort elements, you won’t find anyone taking their new eyewear protection off in a hurry!

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