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3M SafeTea Break changes perceptions about health and safety training

The SafeTea Break, brought to you by 3M, provides health and safety managers with the tools they need to generate discussions about health topics and long latency diseases. As SafeTea Breaks continue in workplaces across the country, we talk with two 3M staff members who were instrumental in developing this important campaign. Read on to learn about their inspiration and experiences, and find out how you can share your own opinions on the SafeTea forum.

DD023269 - Martyn HarveyMartyn Harvey is an Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator for 3M and is based in Aycliffe
The PSD Marketing team contacted Martyn for some assistance with the campaign, wanting to draw on his expertise. He was involved in reviewing every step of the campaign’s development and ensuring the validity of all content.

He feels that the campaign is especially important as it aims to promote a culture of safety in the workplace. Taking the form of a toolbox talk, the SafeTea Break kit encourages an inclusive approach to health and safety and engages people with its eye-catching look and interesting content. As a result of its success, 3M is looking at introducing elements of the SafeTea break into its safety briefings.

Martyn’s advice for health and safety managers planning to run a SafeTea Break are as follows:

“Be enthusiastic, confident and comfortable with your subject. Tell people why it’s so important and make sure that you really know your audience. Do a test run with your colleagues and get feedback on what went well and what didn’t.”

photoDarren Kerr works in Environmental, Health, Safety & Security at 3M’s Bedford Distribution Centre
Darren comes from a varied background that includes experience as a manual handling trainer, qualified podiatrist and athletics coach. As such, he is well placed to provide information on how the musculoskeletal system can be affected by workplace hazards and was instrumental in putting together this section of the SafeTea Break

He reasons that employees can gain more from shorter events as opposed to long, classroom-based sessions which can be perceived as dull and hard to digest. He feels that the tool box talk format can help break down these barriers and create a culture of involvement, wherein employees can share their own experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Darren praises the kit for its comprehensive level of detail and its combination of pictures, examples, facts and figures. He plans to use the SafeTea Break kits to enhance 3M’s existing safety programmes and refresher training, and would give fellow health and safety managers the following advice:

“Encourage involvement by asking your audience for examples and experiences. If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply explain that you will get back to that person once you have more information.”

Share your SafeTea Break experience
To ensure that the 3M SafeTea Break continues to improve personal safety and compliance in the workplace, we would value receiving your feedback. Share your experiences of your SafeTea Break, gather tips from other health and safety managers and express any queries you may have via the SafeTea forum.

If you have not yet done so, the SafeTea Break kit is now available to order online. Find out more information or place an order here.

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