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    Hi all,

    We’re keen to have your feedback on the webinars we run. Have you attended one recently?

    We’re keen to know how you feel about:

    • The content
    • The presenter style
    • How informative you found it
    • What you’d like to see in the future

    Don’t forget, you can sign up for our webinars at http://www.3M.co.uk/safetyspotlight



    Just listened to the welding fume webinar and found it very interesting as I was a coded welder many years ago, I had a lot of friends that were smokers at the time and the problems that they have had since seems to be far more worst than non smokers but the protection was not as good then for all of us.



    I also attended the welding fume webinar, yesterday (18 Oct 17) and it was the first time that I have participated in one provided by 3M. I have been a H&S professional for over 15 years and worked in large manufacturing organisation where we employed and/or engaged welders on a continusous basis.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar yesterday and found it very informative. Whilst I understood some of the risks associated with welding, I had no idea of many of the specific diseases and conditions that arise from the process. It that way the webinar helped me to gain a broader understanding of the risks which I hope to use to help to educate people throughout my organisation. I would really welcome the opportunity of a copy of the slides used.
    It was very well presented and I have joined this forum as a result.
    I have already recommended this forum and future webinars to my team.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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