Intense noise calls for proper protection

Factories. Airports. Quarries. All extreme, challenging and intense places to work, with many obvious hazards. Plenty of protective equipment safety procedures are in place to protect workers in such environments. But what about the most serious dangers that you can’t even see, like high noise levels?

Places of work featuring heavy machinery, engines or building work, routinely feature noise levels of 100 dB and higher. If you or your workers use tools like chain saws, leaf blowers, pneumatic drills, or work in close proximity to sirens, airplanes or artillery fire, extended exposure can cause permanent hearing loss. So it’s vital that workers have adequate hearing protection against high noise levels throughout their shifts.

Comfort boosts compliance

After being supplied with hearing protection, many workers still choose not to wear it correctly, or even not at all, making compliance a key area in terms of protecting the health and safety of workers.

But why is hearing protection compliance an issue, given the obvious benefits of protection? Well for one thing, protective ear muffs aren’t always that comfortable to wear, especially for an entire day. Some ear protectors can be oversized, clunky, unsightly, or not offer the necessary functionality to be truly effective. Regular exposure to extreme levels of noise for even minutes can result in permanent hearing damage, so having ear protection that can be worn all day is vital for workers.

Slim, lightweight hearing protection

We want to reduce the number of cases of noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace through innovative and simple solutions. That’s why we created 3M™ PELTOR™ X4 Ear Defenders.

Traditionally, choosing higher attenuating ear muffs meant putting up with large, bulky cups, but not anymore. From one of the most trusted names in safety equipment, 3M PELTOR X4 Ear Defenders can attenuate sound by as much as 33dB, Providing slim, lightweight and dependable protection against extreme noise levels they fit well with other personal safety equipment, and they’re comfortable to wear, making them ideal for use from job to job, day in and day out.

Use in text

Award winning designs and dependable protection

When it comes to protecting workers from extreme noise levels, for instance, the levels of noise found in airports, quarrying or paper mills, 3M™ PELTOR™ X5 Ear Defenders may be required, the ultimate hearing protection solution.

3M PELTOR X5 Ear Defenders feature unparalleled attenuation of up to SNR 37dB, thanks to specially-formulated foam technology incorporated into the design, along with a newly-designed spacer and cup, providing excellent acoustic protection, particularly against sounds dominated by low frequencies, and without the need for double protection from ear plugs or other ear defenders.

Innovations like these have resulted in the 3M PELTOR X Series being acknowledged with several design awards from several independent industry bodies, including a Red Dot Design award, and a Bronze Award from the Industrial Design Society of America.

The workers’ choice

3M™ PELTOR™ X Series headsets form an integral part of an integrated personal safety solution, providing lightweight, comfortable and dependable protection for your hearing in demanding and hostile work environments. That’s what makes it the workers’ choice in hearing protection.

For more information and to find out where to buy 3M PELTOR X Series headsets for your workers, visit the workers’ choice website.

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