Sarah Broadbent from 3M

Meet the Expert: Sarah Broadbent

Sarah Broadbent works as a Technical Services Specialist in the 3M Personal Safety Division. In our latest “Meet the Expert” blog, we get to grips with Sarah about what her role entails…

What is your role in the 3M Personal Safety Team?
My role is to provide technical advice across all the hearing product range as well as the head and face portfolio. This includes detection, passive and communication products, the EARfit validation unit and training materials. Helpful advice is given to everyone from sales reps to external bodies and end user customers. Much of my time is spent training people to use our products correctly and conducting webinars and seminars across the country talking about hearing conservation.

How long have you been in 3M Technical Services?
I have been working in the PSD division for 7 years.

What professional qualifications do you have in this area?
I have a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and I am a Chartered Member of The Institute of Occupational Health and Safety. My previous job was working as a safety advisor on a Radiological Pharmaceutical site where I helped protect the welfare of around 1,000 employees.  I also have various British Occupational Hygiene modules which have given me better insight into the world of Occupational Hygiene. These include ergonomics, noise and vibration, hazards and risks.

Are you a member of any bodies/boards? If so, which?
I am a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Health.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Giving advice! Getting out and about with customers whether that’s supporting a sales rep or collecting feedback on our new products. I like talking, so I enjoy giving the presentations and passing on my knowledge.

What are your hobbies/interests in your spare time?
Swimming, cycling, running and baking.

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