PPE Compatibility, Part 2

PPE must be fit for purpose but ensuring different PPE fits together is just as important.

Following on from Part 1, where compatibility effectiveness and comfort were highlighted as key factors, this second entry takes a closer look at the regulations surrounding PPE compatibility and the importance of educating your workforce.

Rules of protection
The law states that employers must provide adequate protection for workers and that protection must be suitable. This is where compatibility comes into play. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations state that when employees wear more than one item of PPE that the equipment should be compatible and when used together, will adequately control the risks against which they are provided to protect.

5 key benefits of compatible PPE:
• Optimised protection for your workers
• Compliance with statutory regulations and guidelines
• Greater productivity
• Improved employee engagement
• Less distraction and greater comfort

Importance of training
Workers must know how to fit and maintain the equipment they use for it to be effective. Training helps to ensure that wearing protection becomes routine. By educating workers on the reasons behind the need for PPE, you’ll also see the benefits of adoption and increased peer pressure to conform.

How 3M can help
3M have a wide range of PPE available including safety spectacles, respirators, helmets and fully integrated systems. We recognize that not everyone has the same face shape and size, so offer a variety of styles and models for you to choose from to ensure you can find the right fit for you.

One option is to use combination products which bring together several PPE types in a single unit – for example, a powered air respirator with a headtop which incorporates hearing, eye, head and respiratory protection. These systems reduce the number of items competing for space on a wearer’s face. To find out more or arrange your free trial, visit www.3M.co.uk/Versaflo.

Another option is to individually assess the compatibility of the different items of PPE during the selection process. To help you assess the compatibility between your disposable or reusable respirator and safety eyewear, we are offering FREE SAMPLES of eyewear intended to work well with 3M respirators.

Visit www.3M.co.uk/CompatibleEyewear and choose a free pair of 3M eyewear to go with the respirators you have selected.

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