Protec Direct supports our SafeTea campaign

This week, one of 3M Personal Safety’s distribution partners Protec Direct posted a blog on how they’re supporting the SafeTea campaign. Read on for the full story.


Health and safety in the workplace is very important. Workers throughout history have campaigned for safer work places where they can earn their livings without facing undue danger or risk, which is why it is so crucial that we don’t ever take our well-being at work for granted.

Image for blogWhat is 3M’s SafeTea Break?

At Protec Direct we recognise the value of a healthy and safe workplace, and so we are happy to be lending our support to the 3M SafeTea Break 2015 campaign. The aim of the campaign is to establish a culture of safety and good working behaviour, focusing on health risks and supporting health and safety managers who are often overstretched. It also aims to tackle the subject of long-latency occupational diseases, which are also often overlooked in these kinds of environments.

In order to do this, the campaign is encouraging businesses to organise a series of 20-minute health and safety discussions to take place during tea breaks. It will be delivered by your health and safety manager or representative, and cover five topics (one per session).

During the discussion you can share tips and feedback on how to stay safe and healthy at work, as well as contribute to the development of an action plan for your H&S manager.

Why get involved with 3M’s SafeTea Break?

The overall goal of the campaign is simple: to make every workplace safer. With occupational injuries and cancer a major problem in UK places of employment, every little helps. That’s why we do what we do at Protec Direct, and is what drives companies like 3M to get involved. It’s also hoped that we can increase awareness of some lesser known occupational hazards, such as ear damage from excessive noise levels, and muscular and back pain.

As one of our most trusted partners and suppliers, Protec Direct jumped at the chance to support 3M in the SafeTea Break campaign. We really believe it’s a great idea, and strongly encourage you and your company to get involved. It couldn’t be easier to take part, just go to the website and download the information packs, or apply to have the resources sent to you.

The SafeTea Break Kit
In order to help you take part in the campaign, 3M will provide you with a SafeTea Break kit. There are different kits available for different sized work forces and all contain various resources to use in your discussion. There’ll be an introduction to the SafeTea campaign, discussion topics, posters and of course some tea bags and biscuits to make sure everyone is happy! All content is also available to download online at the SafeTea Break 2015 website (unfortunately, this doesn’t include the tea bags and biscuits).

The main part of your kit is the discussion cards, which focus on five core health and safety principles. These include breathing, hearing, touch, skin, and muscles, bones and joints. The cards will help you to engage the audience, provoke discussion and give you some tips on what to talk about.

Your discussion will hopefully focus on the risks and responsibilities of staying safe at work. It will also encourage you to think more about how your actions at work affect the safety of others.

There will be some handy visual aids and the cards are designed to encourage a more practical kind of learning. It’s not a lecture, but more a frank and open exchange of ideas in a comfortable environment; this will help the information to sink in and hopefully create a safer workplace for everyone. If the format works, you can try it again and again, perhaps once a week or on a semi-regular basis.

The campaign is also being run in conjunction with Safety Groups UK who have a network of over 70 branches and promote health and safety at work initiatives. 3M are also undertaking a full media launch through social media with the #SafeTea mugshot campaign, email campaigns and national radio advertising. Their adverts will appear on TalkSport and reach an audience of 1.37 million listeners.

So, what are you waiting for?
Head on over to the 3M SafeTea Break campaign site now and get involved. Your participation helps to spread the word and if your participation prevents just one industrial or workplace accident, then it will all have been well worth it. Get access to the right kind of platform to engage your workforce and start your key health and safety discussions today.

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