Protecting workers’ hearing, Stage 2 – Protection

Protecting your workforce from noise is vital for Health and Safety compliance and can lead to improved productivity. In this, the second in a series of four blog posts, Technical Services Engineer, Sarah Broadbent of 3M’s Personal Safety Division talks about the different types of protection available and how to go about choosing the one that’s right for you:

At 3M, we have a wide range of effective and stylish products available including many different ear plugs, ear defenders and communication headsets. In fact, whatever the environment and the individual’s needs, you can always be confident that we’ll have something in our broad selection of easy-to-wear protectors that will fit the bill.

3M Classic Earplugs
3M Classic Earplugs

We think it’s important to give your staff the opportunity to try all our products before they pick one, as this helps to ensure that the right choice is made. This offer of product trials applies to everything from basic roll down earplugs to advanced Peltor Communications equipment.

We don’t stop there. We always make sure we give your staff the knowledge they need to encourage them to wear their protection whenever it’s needed. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your hearing protection is if you aren’t using it. In the next post, I’ll be covering this in more detail as we look at the education and training we provide for your workers.

  • Wide range of effective and stylish products
  • Try before you buy
  • Giving your staff the knowledge they need

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