Protecting workers’ hearing, Stage 4 – Validation

Noise protection is a vital part of Health and Safety compliance and doing the job effectively can actually lead to increased productivity for your company. This is the last in a series of four blog posts written by Technical Services Engineer, Sarah Broadbent of 3M’s Personal Safety Division and covers how you check that your chosen hearing protection is working as thoroughly as it should be.

The fact is every user is different with head sizes and face shapes differing greatly. That means, even after you’ve selected the right product for each employee, you still need to check that it fits well enough to do the job it has been designed for.

3M E-A-R fit Validation System is simple and accurate and takes just 8 seconds per ear. The system uses F-MIRE (Field Microphone in Real Ear) technology to measure the level of protection. Each worker receives their own personal attenuation rating (PAR) and starts to learn how to increase their protection levels by correctly fitting their earplugs. All this data can be stored to give you a historical record which you can refer to the next time you conduct a test or are considering updating your hearing protection. To give you more flexibility, 3M E-A-R fit Validation System can either be bought, hired or 3M can offer an EARfit service.

Encouraging your workforce to understand the benefits of their hearing protection and how to wear it most effectively results in greater employee engagement. A consultative approach is key in motivating workers and in creating a happier and ultimately more productive environment.

  • Head sizes and faces shapes vary
  • Testing takes just 8 seconds per ear
  • Available for purchase, hire or as an EARfit service

Download our  Hearing Conservation Quickguide to review the 4 steps to Hearing Protection.

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