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Tackling industrial noise issues with Hearing Conservation e-learning

Find out why we’ve pooled our knowledge with scientific, medical and technical experts from the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) to develop an innovative e-learning package on Hearing Conservation.

The Issue
Hearing damage in the workplace is a major issue that requires preventative steps from employers. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) research, over 2 million people are estimated to be exposed to harmful noise levels at work. 17,000 of those people suffer from deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions as a result of excessive noise at work(i).

This invisible health issue is debilitating and can take years to reach the point where action is taken, at which stage it’s often too late to halt the damage, leaving that individual with a poorer quality of life and only able to protect what little hearing they have left. Hearing damage is irreversible and preventable, so adopting practical and cost-effective methods of protection is imperative for employers(ii).

For employers whose businesses involve the use of powered machinery, explosive sources or impact tools, providing and maintaining hearing protection for all employees should be of paramount concern(iii). Read on to find out how you can help safeguard your employees against harmful workplace noise.

Available guidance
3M HSL GuidanceThe HSE delivers comprehensive advice on this issue for organisations of any size. However, the guidance may not always be accessible to the Health and Safety professional with a large or varied workload. In smaller organisations, Health and Safety practice may reside with an individual who wears many other hats. In either case, it may not be feasible for the designated individual to become an expert in protecting their workforce from hearing damage.

The Solution
The new e-learning training package from HSL and 3M, entitled Hearing Conservation, takes the form of an interactive, flexible series of online modules that cover:

• Demystifying noise
• Understanding legislation
• Providing simple and practical suggestions to nullify the impact of noise on employees

HSL 3M SolutionWritten by the experts but delivered in an easily digestible format and using everyday language, this e-learning package gives Health and Safety personnel the confidence to begin to tackle workplace noise issues.

The four module e-learning package comprises:

1. Hearing hazards and risks
2. Monitoring noise exposure and risk assessment
3. Noise control and hearing protection
4. Using health surveillance to influence behaviours

1. Hearing hazards and risks
Employees have responsibilities too and it’s important that they know this from the outset. It’s a legal requirement for everyone at risk of hearing damage to understand the risk factors. This introductory module explores those risks and the potential consequences of failing to take action in order to mitigate them.

2. Monitoring noise exposure and risk assessment
Identifying the tell-tale signs of harmful noise and those at risk from it is crucial. This second module enables you to do so, and will teach you where and when a risk assessment is required. A simple step-by-step process for performing a risk assessment is included, as well as an action plan for addressing any non-compliant results.

3. Noise control and hearing protection
A risk assessment delivers the results needed to assess where improvement or additional actions need to be taken. In the third module, you will learn to understand these risk factors, how to mitigate their presence or effect and select appropriate equipment.

4. Using health surveillance to influence behaviours
A regular hearing ‘MOT’ is a legal requirement for any individual who may be exposed to excessive noise levels in the workplace, and should form part of your ongoing health surveillance activity. In the fourth and final module you will learn the benefits of this continuous assessment in order to recognise how health surveillance influences behaviour and productivity.

Understanding the importance of hearing conservation remains critical for any Health and Safety representative.

To obtain the Hearing Conservation e-learning course for just £99 click here or call 01298 218356.

For more information on hearing protection, download the free HSL 3M whitepaper on hearing protection.

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  1. I would really like to start learning more about how to prevent employees from suffering hearing loss. This is a really big concern where I work, because we have a lot of loud noises from machines that we use. Since it is preventable, I think it would be really good for our business to look into ways that we can protect everyone’s hearing, and make sure that everyone uses the protection that we provide. It sounds like there are a few things that we can do to help take care of this issue, so I will start looking into a few solutions!

  2. I appreciate you sharing such an informative post. That’s why i feel that noise control is an important aspect especially in industries and we must make sure that the noise level is not above safety standards.

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