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Top Health Hazards Facing Welders

Fast facts: 40-50 welders are hospitalised every year with pneumonia caused by welding fume 2 of these welders die every year 9 welders every year suffer from work-related asthma problems that lead them to claim benefits Stainless steel fume contains harmful chromium oxide (Cr₂O₃) and nickel oxide (NiO) Welding fume is classified as potentially carcinogenic … Continue reading Top Health Hazards Facing Welders

Metal Processing: Event Round-Up

On Wednesday 5th November we held the first in a series of events for the Metal Processing Industry, ‘A Safer Future in Fabrication’ at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. Highlights The event focused on the ‘health’ in health & safety and included seminars on implementing an effective respiratory protection programme, hearing conservation, hand-arm vibration … Continue reading Metal Processing: Event Round-Up