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3M Safety Network Forum Etiquette

  1. Visit often, browse and post – This Community is intended for open and honest discussion.  Asking questions and helping others will keep the Community lively and interesting.  While sometimes constructive critiques are a natural part of open discussion, all comments must be respectful to other members of the Community.
  2. Search before posting – If you have a relevant question, there is a chance it has already been asked and answered.  A quick search in previous conversation threads may find your solution.
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  6. Terms & Conditions – Always adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

3M Safety Network Terms and Conditions

The 3M Safety Network is an online platform intended for use by Health & Safety Professionals to discuss topics, share experiences, resolve issues, and get advice from Health & Safety peers and 3M.

To keep the Community productive and engaging for all members, it is important that Users follow the Terms of Use outlined below.  Additionally, users must accept and adhere to the 3M Website’s Terms and Conditions.

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  1. 3M expects Users of these pages to be professional and respectful in their use. While Users remain responsible for their posts, 3M reserves the right to immediately remove or moderate postings it deems inappropriate.
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  8. The Community is not intended as a platform for new products or idea’s that Users would like to send to 3M.  For legal and practical reasons 3M can only accept and assess an idea for a new product if it is protected by a granted or issued patent.  For further information please follow the guidelines posted on:  www.3M.com/submityouridea
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  10. Any information or content provided on or in relation to this Community by 3M or otherwise are for general guidance only and no reliance should be placed on such information. It is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to select the most appropriate PPE based on a full risk assessment.
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